Monday, January 7, 2008

And so It Begins ... Again

So Seminary began again for me today and I don't know what was going on. I was totally afraid that I would be late because I am all off schedule from my parents being down here for the last week(which was awesome and exhausting) and didn't think I would be awake but, I was fine. But dang! Those kids were all over the place. Talking out of turn, random comments, funky questions that didn't really deal with the lesson. And Hannah has such a great story. And the random text msg, me having to be the bad guy(which I don't usually mind but seemed tedious today) and just all around shenanigans. Send Help .. fast I might not make it through the week. And I had to hold them late... Hey man - a deal's a deal! Maybe I should invite parents to come and hang out with us. So that's all. I bet that tomorrow will be better ... maybe.

What is up with teenagers?

PIF who rah

ya know.... the first time I saw one of these on another blog I thought it looked like so much fun. And here I am a winner! Who would have thunk! So this is what I am going to do... I hereby promise to send fun- homemade goodness (well, at least partially homemade) to three random posters on my blog. I will give myself a time limit of 6 months. Does that sound extreme? Well, It's not if you know me. Plus I am still working on a baby blanket from last spring for a baby born last fall. But the pirate blanket is pretty cool, if I do say so myself. So I will taylor the gift to fit you (no tutu's for boys, no cookies for diabetics) If you will give your word of honor that you will spread the love and warm feelings by doing a Pay if Forward of your own. Good Luck! Both of you who read this! Ha Ha

Love LM